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Plays & Audio Letters Back Home Vashti Farrer

Letters Back Home


"Friend, whosoever thou art..."

The convicts in Van Diemen's Land long to hear from loved ones in far-off England. But if they write, who will post the letters? When will they arrive? Will their families reply?

This play in VoiceWorks 2 series is based on a real story of loneliness in the early days of white settlement in Australia.

Illustrated by Penel Gamble

Suitable: Grade 4.

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Plays & Audio Possible Changes Vashti Farrer

Possible Changes

(In To Kill A Mockingbird and other plays)

(Sadler & Hayllar) 

Possible Changes explores the issues of racial prejudice and the horrors of war and at the same time looks at how people must learn to get along with one another.

Plays & Audio Euphorbia Vashti Farrer

Princess Euphorbia

(Pearson Education)

Princess Euphorbia wanted a prince. But none of the Royal Princes asked to marry her once they saw her GREEN hair. Until, one day, Prince Nasturtium arrived. He was different from all the others. He loved anything green. Could it be love at first sight? 

Play in VoiceWorks 1 series, for reading aloud or performance.

Illustrated by Betina Ogden

Suitable: Grade 3.

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Plays & Audio The Sweet Apples' Swimming Pool Vashti Farrer

The Sweet Apples' Swimming Pool

(One Act Plays - Series 7)

(Australian Theatre Workshop)

Fanny and George look out their kitchen window one morning to see two beavers in their swimming pool.  The beavers have gnawed through a willow tree and damned one end of the pool. But getting rid of them is no easy matter, as Fanny soon discovers.

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Audio Books

Lulubelle and Her Bones 1.jpg

Lulubelle and Her Bones

(Bolinda Audio) 

Lulubelle doesn't even know she's a dog!Then she meets Bones, rescues him from a life of slavery, and together they run away to London. Life on the road isn't easy. Danger lurks behind every bush and every corner. But Lulubelle and Bones find friends in the strangest places, and their luck soon turns...



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Plays & Audio Mr Pavlov's Possum Vashti Farrer

Mr Pavlov's Possum

(Out Loud Alive - Audio)

When the last of his perfectly behaved dogs dies, Mr Pavlov feels very sad. Then one night a possum arrives at his window and Mr Pavlov thinks he can train his new pet just as he trained his dogs. But the possum has other ideas, and Mr Pavlov's life is never the same again!


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Plays & Audio Mr Noah and the Cats Vashti Farrer

Mr Noah and the Cats

(Out Loud Alive - Audio)

All Mr Noah asked for was a bit of peace and quiet but then God told him to build an ark and life suddenly became very noisy. Among all the animal noises there was one he hadn't heard before from an animal he didn't even know existed. That is, until the lion sneezed...



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