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Fantasy & Humour

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Fantasy & Humour Lilli-Pilli Vashti Farrer

Lilli-Pilli - The Frog Princess


Princess Lilli-Pilli is not your average princess. She has legs like a frog and loves to spend her days hopping about the palace. Then one day the Queen decides to have a Royal Ball, and Lilli-Pilli must learn to act like a normal princess … unless she can find a prince as unique as she is!

Illustrated by Owen Swan

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Fantasy & Humour Fearsome Creatures Vashti Farrer

Fearsome Creatures

(Pearson Education)

Brad has volunteered to care for two gerbils over the school holidays, but he has to work out how to convince his mother, who is terrified of pointy-toothed creatures, that it is a good idea. But something quite unexpected happens which changes her attitude entirely! 

Illustrated by Melissa Webb 

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Fantasy & Humour Mr Pavlov's Possum Vashti Farrer

Mr Pavlov's Possum


When the last of his perfectly behaved dogs dies, Mr Pavlov feels very sad. Then one night a possum arrives at his window and Mr Pavlov thinks he can train his new pet just as he trained his dogs. But the possum has other ideas, and Mr Pavlov's life is never the same again!

Illustrated by Vilma Cencic 

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Fantasy & Humour Mr Noah and the Cats Vashti Farrer

Mr Noah and the Cats


All Mr Noah asked for was a bit of peace and quiet but then God told him to build an ark and life suddenly became very noisy. Among all the animal noises there was one he hadn't heard before from an animal he didn't even know existed. That is, until the lion sneezed... 

Illustrated by Neil Curtis

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Fantasy & Humour Big Feet, Very Sweet Vashti Farrer

Big Feet, Very Sweet


Prince Flip-Flop is rugged and handsome and plays football with the Bengal Tigers. His brother, Prince Flim-Flam, is bearded, untidy and writes poetry in his ivory tower. Princess Marigold likes to grow marigolds, but can hardly see without her glasses. 

Who will win Princess Marigold’s heart?

Illustrated by Neil Curtis

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Fantasy & Humour Breakfast With Buddha Vashti Farrer

Breakfast with Buddha


"I climb up onto the roof. I am higher than all the cats and dogs. My tail twitches back and forth. I am Sati. I am now top cat. I will wait here." 

When Sati finds herself homeless after a flood, she goes to a monastery to beg for food. But she is accustomed to being the top cat, and here she is just one of many. She tries to have her own way, but this makes trouble for the others and creates havoc in the courtyard. In the end, it is only the patience of the old monk that wears down Sati’s pride.

Illustrated by Gaye Chapman

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Fantasy & Humour Breakfast Atlanta Vashti Farrer

Atalanta-Fastest Runner

in the World

(Pearson Education)

Atalanta could run like the wind, faster than the hunters, faster than anyone alive. She was also very beautiful, and young men came from all over the country to see her. But she declared that she would only marry the man who could beat her in a race. Who would find a way to reach the finish line before her? 

Illustrated by Naomi Lewis

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Fantasy & Humour Tales of the Dreamtime Vashti Farrer

Tales of the Dreamtime


(Angus & Robertson)

Aboriginal Legends collected by K. Langloh - Parker - Adapted by Vashti Farrer.

Illustrated by Walter Cunningham

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Fantasy & Humour Bruno Fiddlestein's Dilemma Vashti Farrer

Bruno Fiddlestein's Dilemma

(and other tall tales)

Bruno plays the cello in a big orchestra. He calls his cello Hildegarde. But when he is playing his cello all he is thinking about is his wife, Berthe’s wonderful cooking. When he is eating whatever Berthe’s has cooked for him, all he is thinking about is playing beautiful music on Hildegarde. Then the orchestra decides to take a world tour but Berthe says she won’t be there when he gets back. What is he to do?

Illustrated by Naomi Kelly

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Fantasy & Humour Molly O'Malley and the Magpies Vashti Farrer

Molly O'Malley and the Magpies 


(Momentum - Barrie Education)

Old Molly lives alone in a high-rise flat building and gets around on a walking-frame. Her only visitors are magpies which come to her balcony for scraps. Molly thinks they have bad manners until one day she does something and finds they have nice manners after all. 

Illustrated by Margaret Power

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Princess Euphorbia

(Supa-Doopers /

Addison Wesley Longman)

Princess Euphorbia was a perfectly normal princess - except for one thing. The King and Queen want her to marry, but who will want a princess with bright green hair? So the King and Queen decide on a plan and along comes the charming Prince Nasturtium. Will this dashing young prince ask for Princess Euphorbia's hand in marriage? 

Illustrated by Nan Bodsworth

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Fantasy & Humour Mrs Papadopoulos's Purple Hippopotamuses Vashti Farrer

Mrs Papadopoulos's Purple Hippopotamuses

(and other stories to snortel)

Mrs Papadopoulos has cold feet. But she has warm slippers. The trouble is her slippers are shaped like hippopotamuses and they have a mind of their own...

Illustrated by Naomi Kelly

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Fantasy & Humour All In Together Vashti Farrer

All in Together


(Angus & Robertson)

Stories by Vashti Farrer:

Otto Makes Friends

Harold and the Big House

Eric's Alarm Clock

Ernie and Emily

Rama's Bad Memory

Illustrated by Patricia Mullins

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Fantasy & Humour Lulubelle and her Bones Vashti Farrer

Lulubelle and Her Bones



Lulubelle doesn't even know she's a dog!

Then she meets Bones, rescues him from a life of slavery, and together they run away to London. Life on the road isn't easy. Danger lurks behind every bush and every corner. But Lulubelle and Bones find friends in the strangest places, and their luck soon turns...

Illustrated by David Cox

Available - Contact Me

Fantasy & Humour Widow Hegarty's Goat Vashti Farrer

Widow Hegarty's Goat

(and other unlikely escapades)

The Widow Hegarty and Seamus McGuire are next-door neighbours. They’re both lonely. Seamus wants to marry her but she has a bad-tempered goat who isn’t going to make it easy…

Illustrated by Naomi Kelly

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Knitting Bea

(click image to read)

Mrs Bea loves knitting. She can knit anything, even teapots. But what happens when she runs out of wool and there’s a cold snap?

Illustrated by Vilma Cencic

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